The Goldenrod Flag Symbolism

Yellow Field.png
Yellow Field.png
Gold Field-  The Gold Field represents corn, the leading and most important crop in the state, from which it draws the nickname: "The Cornhusker State".

It also represents Industry. Nebraska is home to the Union Pacific Railroad. The mighty gold Union Pacific locomotives are a common sight across the state.

blue star.png
blue star.png

Star-  The single Star represents the unicameral government.

Nebraska is the only state to have a single house of government.  It is the same 5 pointed star that rests on Old Glory as the representation of the 37th state.

Color WhiteThe White of the Star symbolizes the purity of the state. Although not a state during the civil war, the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 gave the territories the ability to decide for themselves if slavery would be allowed. The people of the territory decided not to allow slavery.

Location-  The center of the Star is the exact location as the 37th star of the U.S. Flag.

Color BlueThe Blue of the Star represents the United States' largest aquifer, the Ogallala aquifer, which lies under the vast majority of the state and is the source of water that makes the land fertile.

G ldenrod (1).png
red circle.png

Circle-   The circle represents Agriculture.  From the air Nebraska looks like a series of circles because it is the nation's largest producer and user of center pivot irrigation. This is critical to the state’s continued agricultural success.


Color Red- The Red of the Circle represents the famous Nebraska Cornhuskers from the University of Nebraska. No Nebraska symbol would be complete without the color Red.

red circle.png
Crop circle.jpg
Blue Line.png
Transcontinental Railroad
Oregon This one.jpg
Mormon Trail
Oregon Trail

Bar- The lower bar spans the length of the flag to represent the states role connecting the Western and Eastern US: the Mormon Trail, the Oregon Trail, Transcontinental Railroad, and Interstate system (first to complete).

Blue Line.png

Color Blue- The color blue bar represents the very name of the state which means “Flat Water” in the native Oto language.