Seals are great but what are they designed for?

The current Nebraska flag consistently ranks among the worst state flags in the United States.  On the Flag Design Rules tab you can see some of the other flags that are so similar to the Nebraska flag that from a distance they are indistinguishable.  Each has a seal on them.  There are at least 28 state flags that are designed with a seal or a crest of some type.  Thus they are all often difficult to decipher what state they are representing.her.

"A seal serves to identify, like a signature, an individual or organization and to authenticate written material from that individual or organization. Historically a seal established the authenticity of a document, just as a signature does today."

Seals are not effective on a Flag simply because they are to detailed to be seen from a distance or while the flag is in motion.

Nebraska State Seal

The Great Seal of the State of Nebraska is a well known symbol of the state and is used to authenticate official documents.  Find out more about the Nebraska State Seal at

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